Other Local Services

The Center for Patient Partnerships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Center serves patients with life-threatening and serious chronic illnesses and their families.  Patient advocates work with clients to help them make more informed medical decisions, access care, find their way through employment issues, find support, and build their own skills as needed.  The center trains professional and graduate students in many fields who will work in or around the health care system. 

608.890.0321   |    www.patientpartnerships.org
Email: cppadvocacy@law.wisc.edu


Share the Care

Based on the book Share the Care: How to Organize a Group to Care for Someone Who is Seriously Ill by Capossela and Warnock.  Provides a road map on how to create a caregiver team to provide individuals and families with help to meet the daily challenges of illness.  To find out more contact UWCCC Cancer Connect.

1.800.622.8922   |   608.262.5223

SMART (Stress Management and Relaxation Training)

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine offers ten-week group session designed to teach new strategies for interpreting stressful events for patients with cancer.  Participants are taught concrete stress management skills and new relaxation techniques.


Genetic Counseling

UW offers cancer genetics risk assessment and counseling to women and men who have concerns about their persona and/or family history of cancer.  To schedule an appointment contact the UW Clinical Genetics Center.