When Your Body Sends a Message

“Turville Bay’s patient centered care is central to my life as a physician and as a radiation oncologist. But in order to receive a diagnosis, to enter our doors, to begin treatment, cancer care begins with screening,” says Dr. June Kim. In our busy lives, she says, we often don’t listen to our body as it signals a change. Dr. Kim advocates for her patients at Turville Bay. The state-of-the-art technology and the compassion of a well-educated and well-trained staff allows her to care for her patients. But first, patients can help themselves by having a conversation with their doctor about concerns or changes in their health. And, keeping up with recommended screenings for breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and now lung cancer, can identify issues before symptoms begin.

What advice does Dr. Kim offer? “Advocate for yourself. See your doctor each year and get recommended screenings. Take care of yourself by eating sensibly and getting plenty of exercise. Rest your body and your mind. Tune in. Pay attention to changes in your body and ask your physician when something concerns you.”

Is it common for patients to put off screening? “It’s a very human trait, to procrastinate. But with cancer, early detection is best.” And, Dr. Kim offered a unique perspective. “One patient said recently that she was grateful for her diagnosis, that she wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t been diagnosed.” Finding her cancer had shocked the patient but subsequent treatment gave her a future. “It takes courage,” she adds, “to face a potential cancer diagnosis. But that’s when the caring begins, and the road to recovery.”