Turville Bay’s Technology Delivers

Dr June Kim Turville Bay

A remarkable piece of science and technology, Turville Bay’s TrueBeam linear accelerator is one of the pieces of equipment that delivers the power and flexibility we need to fight cancer. So, we bought another one and it’s just come online here at Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Center. Investment in this technology is just part of our dedication to patient-centered care.

From the patient’s first visit we use state of the art science and technology to better understand their body and how the disease is affecting it. We use it to craft a highly personalized treatment plan that will carry them through weeks of therapy. And during treatment, we direct its power to shrink tumors and destroy their DNA so they can no longer harm the patient.

At the helm of this science and technology is a team of healthcare providers, medical physicists, radiation oncology physicians and nurses, imaging specialists, dosimetrists that calculate dosage, treatment therapists, and support staff that patients never meet but have worked for weeks to help them heal.

In the center of this team and technology is the patient, struggling with a disease that seems mysterious and all consuming. Appointments, tests, technology they’ve never seen, healthcare providers they’ve never met, and a language of terms they’ve never heard. At this intersection we meet the patient following a referral from another care team. We build a relationship with that patient, learning about them, their family and close friends. We listen, we share information, and we keep their preferences in the forefront of each decision.

Healing is about people, and keeping their humanity, as we draw on the power of technology and science. We’re grateful to work with each patient, restoring their health and wellbeing.  It’s an everyday wonder we never take for granted.