Turville Bay’s Mission? It’s All About the Patient.

Barb Thiermann

Treating cancer and other serious illness at Turville Bay has strengthened the value of the patient centered care we offer here. We created a space that comforts and supports patients throughout their treatment. When our center was founded in 1986 its mission was to provide the community with the finest technology and care, keeping pace with innovation. Madison’s healthcare community built this center on the premise that great care flows from those that put the patient first. Since then, important research conducted by the Harvard Medical School with recently discharged patients, their family members, physicians, and non-physician staff confirmed its relevance. But we knew this. In the 23 years I’ve been with Turville Bay we’ve used certain care principles because the patient has a better experience.

Building the center on the shores of Lake Monona provided its non-institutional ambiance. Huge windows flood the waiting areas with light. And patients enjoy soothing views of the water. It’s good for staff, too. We tend a healing garden just outside our doors and patients often sit there before treatment enjoying its serenity. There are puzzles and coloring books to occupy thoughts, and knowing the staff is always at hand is comforting. You’ll find our spaces are rather quiet, with a soft hum of activity as patients come and go each day after spending time with our therapists, nurses and doctors.

The values of respect and dignity are at the core of what we do. Sensitivity to each patient’s culture and situation is important. Emotional support is key. We deliver it through our people and through our facility. Our approach to patient centered care has never wavered, and it is at the heart of our decision making. Technology decisions, the healing garden, patient waiting area all were planned with patient care in mind. It’s our mission. The patient comes first.