Turville Bay is Now a Member of SSM Health

Dr Michelle Mackay Turville Bay

Founded in 1986 by Madison’s 2 community hospitals, Turville Bay is south central Wisconsin’s radiation oncology center for the treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses. In the years since the center opened its doors, our relationship with SSM Health strengthened. Now as a member of SSM Health we renew our efforts: together, we fight cancer. 

This October we’re shining a light on the SSM Health breast care team. It all starts with the patient: Self-care. Regular screening by a physician and mammograms. And if that patient is diagnosed with breast cancer our breast cancer team steps in. Turville Bay’s radiation oncologists work intensively with SSM Health’s medical oncologists, surgeons, infusion teams and comprehensive genetics.  Through this team of healthcare professionals, the patient receives continual personalized care. Together we bring hope and healing to the 1 in 8 women that develop this challenging disease. Together we heal.