Survivors and Thrivers

Dr Michelle Mackay Oncologist Madison Wisconsin

In my practice treating those with cancer, I encourage my patients to surround themselves with good things. The love of family and friends, the tenderness of caregivers, the encouragement of healthcare providers. A positive and hopeful environment is one of the keys to good treatment. A cancer diagnosis changes your life. Finding joy in the simple things that happen every day is something we encourage at Turville Bay. And it’s the reason we celebrate our journey with cancer survivors and thrivers the first Sunday of June every year.

It all began 8 years ago on the shores of Lake Monona at Turville Bay’s Radiation Oncology center. We welcomed everyone that has been touched by cancer- those in treatment, those that are cancer free, and those that are still living with cancer as we search for a cure. We welcomed families of cancer patients, caregivers and healthcare providers from every hospital and clinic in south central Wisconsin. Under huge canopies, we visited each other, ate gallons of ice cream, danced to live music and laughed.

It’s become a tradition. The first Sunday of June the shore of Lake Monona is filled with joy. It’s the gift of a special afternoon spent with others that have shared the experience of a cancer diagnosis. It feels wonderful. The Cancer Survivors & Thrivers Ice Cream Social is one of my favorite events of the year.