In Sickness and In Health

Cancer treatment is a powerful experience. Following diagnosis, patients climb the steep learning curve of cancer and its treatment. Which treatment is best for my cancer and for me? Chemotherapy? Radiation Therapy? Both? The treatment planning begins. Anxiety is common, “have I picked the right medical team?” Will the treatment we’ve decided on work? Will I do well?

Caring for our patients is an honor and a challenge because every patient’s journey is different. Emotions, side effects, energy levels, the strength of the patient’s at-home care team, every situation is different. Recognizing that, we have the staff of SSM Health’s Cancer Care in place to help us help you. Like mental health providers, nutritionists, and palliative care specialists. Above all, our teams at Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Center are such caring individuals they often spot issues before the patient is fully aware.

Our physicians, nurses, and therapists are here to help before, during and after treatment, using extensive training and expertise to help patients through the experience. Sometimes there are rough spots and as a community we hit one of those in March of this year with Covid19. As a cancer community we strive to carefully keep every patient healthy as treatment proceeds. A simple cold can derail treatment for a bit. With Covid19, our community found a new danger to cancer patients. We quickly put stringent screening protocols in place to protect patients, and the staff that cares for them, each day. Our patients often tell us that they feel confident and cared for while in treatment with us and that’s the highest compliment.

We are here for our patients through sickness and health in the parlance of wedding vows around the world. And we’re grateful to our greater community for adhering to safety guidelines even when it seems unlikely to matter to a healthy individual. Wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and monitoring your own health carefully each day matters deeply to the cancer patient that lives down your street. The path you cross may affect all of us.