Return to Cancer Screenings

Why do we screen for cancer regularly? You know, those questions your healthcare team asks and the routine blood tests at your annual checkup? In healthcare, we use those regular screenings to uncover a problem early when it can be easier to treat. Cancer is one of the things we want to catch early. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, oral cancer, lung cancer and others are part of routine screening for most of us depending on our medical history. So why do we think screening is so important? The answer is screening works. Early detection, even when you don’t have symptoms, increases the chance of finding cancer early when treatment is most likely to be successful.

What we feared the most, when Covid-19 hit us, was that those early interventions in cancer care would be less likely to happen. That people would delay screenings because our healthcare system was working so hard to treat our community affected by the coronavirus. And further, that people with concerning symptoms would delay conversations with their physician. Those delays can lead to a diagnosis of cancer that’s more advanced. Sadly, we’re seeing more advanced disease in cancer treatment clinics, like Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Center, across the United States.

When cancer begins, like coronavirus, it’s an invisible enemy. But it’s there, and it must be dealt with. Start a conversation with your healthcare provider, because cancer won’t wait. Returning to annual checkups and cancer screenings are safe as our clinic, along with others in the SSM Healthcare system, have stringent protocols in place to protect you and our healthcare providers. Take control of your health and make an appointment, it’s good peace of mind.