Pure Patient Care? It’s Turville Bay’s Mission

Kim Bangert - Radiation Oncology Manager

Healthcare at Turville Bay has changed over the years, technology is continually updated, we learn new techniques, and celebrate every new discovery. One thing doesn't change though, it's our commitment to pure patient care. Patient centered care is our mission. A patient is diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness and is referred to Turville Bay for radiation oncology treatment. Another patient will have stereotactic radiosurgery to treat an abnormality without invasive surgery. And another patient may be referred for palliative care to relieve symptoms or reduce pain. The scenarios may be different, but the pure patient care philosophy remains solid. At what can be the most difficult time of their life, our support begins as patients walk through our doors.

Patients are referred for a physical problem, but their emotional discomfort can be as disconcerting to them. From the warm welcome at our entrance, to time spent with our doctors, nurses and therapists, we build relationships, get to know each patient, their family, and their caregivers. Being a part of the patient's journey is both amazing and humbling.

We assess each patient's unique needs for radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and palliative care. Dr. Michelle Mackay, our medical director, Dr. June Kim, or Dr. James Richardson, oversee the highly specialized treatment planning, along with their teams of healthcare providers. Each treatment plan is completely individualized to the patient. When treatment begins, the patient's team continues to build this special relationship, being mindful of the emotional ups and downs of the patient and their caregivers. When extra help is needed referrals are available to fill the need. Gauging progress along with possible side effects, we're always there, always available, and patients find it comforting.

With many patients, this cocoon of care makes the end of treatment a bit scary. No longer seeing us each day can feel a bit frightening. Preparing patients for life after treatment is part of our care. They look forward to ringing the ship's bell in our lakeshore waiting room, signifying their final treatment and the beginning of life beyond our doors. With treatments completed, we encourage every patient to enjoy life knowing that we are always available if needed.