Patient Centered Cancer Care? Its More than Checking the Boxes

Dr Michelle Mackay Turville Bay

At Turville Bay we practice patient centered care. Visualize this: the patient is central to their own care. They share information with their doctor and in turn the physician shares information with the patient. This mutual sharing of detail provides that patient with the tools to make decisions that are right for their own healthcare. Dr. Richardson, a radiation oncologist at Turville Bay, says that decision-making power is powerful medicine, and I agree. A cancer diagnosis can be a terribly humbling time for some people as treatment and technology become the focus of their lives. Suddenly thrust into a part of healthcare they may never have faced personally; the learning curve can be steep. Separating fact from fiction is important to every patient. In open discussions with patients we do a lot more than check the boxes of steps that they must take.  As patients are referred to Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Center for radiation therapy as part of their cancer care they share their state of mind and their health concerns. That helps us provide their patient centered care.

In the weeks following a patient’s first visit to Turville Bay, they receive daily treatment. During this time, they build bonds with their radiation therapists, nurses and physicians that often surprise the patient. We provide healthcare, and many patients tell us, a sense of wellbeing through those daily interactions. The therapies are state-of-the-art, the technology is incredible, but it’s the human connection that makes the journey a little easier.