The Patient at the Center

In the flurry of a cancer diagnosis, the symptoms suddenly explained, the lessons in patience, managing fears, and sharing the diagnosis with family and friends, it’s understandable when the patient succumbs to exhaustion both emotional and physical. So much to learn, so many appointments. A cancer diagnosis is daunting.  There is one constant at Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Center. It’s a pole star that every physician and nurse, every staffer from therapists to medical physicist lives for: the patient at the center. We put the patient right here, in the center of everything we do. Every discussion we have and each decision we make with a patient takes time as we help them find acceptance and the will to step forward again and again. The patient’s radiation oncologist, their oncology nurse and radiation therapist work in tandem to lift up that patient and as we work to heal, we work to make them whole again.

Patient centered care is more than a slogan. It is the desire, the mission, to lead and at times coax the patient through a journey that would test anyone. Not surprisingly, it is a remarkable experience for our healthcare teams as we plumb each patient’s strength in an effort to help them. We have technologies, therapies, protocols, and a deep well of knowledge in applying it. We’ve found that the outcomes are best when the patient is at the center of the diagnosis and remains there right through recovery.