A Holiday Like No Other

As the holidays draw near it’s hard not to be disappointed that in this painful pandemic year, we’ll also be giving up the things we enjoy doing; parties and shopping, cooking for extended family, and heading to church services. But as I go to work each day to care those with cancer, I’m reminded what it means to find acceptance this holiday season. To find joy in a phone conversation. To give joy with a gift to our local food pantry or Humane Society in honor of a friend. In rediscovering a book of poems loved as a college kid.

At Turville Bay Radiation Oncology Center we looked around us to find our gratitude and it was everywhere this year. We stood in awe of the healthcare workers saving the lives of those with Covid-19. Neighbors watching out for families that have lost a job, and the food insecure. The heartrending challenges of parents working from home while their children learn virtually. This pandemic has taken so much out of us. But the holidays don’t have to feel like one more painful loss. Over the years we’ve worked with cancer patients, we have found that holidays take on special meaning: the simplest gifts give the most profound joy.

This holiday season, as we all must do our part to slow the march of Covid-19, we’ll be living the lessons that our cancer patients already know. That by stepping out of the whirlwind we can find deeper meaning in our lives. That we aren’t stuck at home, we’re safely at home and finding our own joy in the simple things. From nature walks or feeding the birds, to a gift you make in your own kitchen, may you find the true spirit of the holidays.