High Precision Tracks Tumors

When a cancer diagnosis calls for radiation therapy our highly trained staff delivers the treatment with innovative technology. A custom designed treatment plan for each patient provides us with a map. We visualize soft tissue, manage the motion with each breath the patient takes, and track the tumor. We deliver therapy directly to the tumor, precisely, all with the help of some pretty incredible technology. Onboard imaging, streamlined control, sub-millimeter accuracy. We deliver it the first day, and each day, as treatment progresses. As the tumor shrinks, we follow its subtle movements within the body and continue to treat it.

So, what happens to the patient with breast cancer, or prostate cancer, or one of the many cancers we treat? They arrive daily for treatment over a series of weeks, and we get to know them. They feel the confidence and the care our team delivers. We listen, support, and encourage them along with treat them for cancer. Many, if not most patients, recover from their cancer after treatment.

We treat those patients with complex cancers, and metastatic cancers. Technology allows us to deliver the treatment so precisely that we can relieve symptoms and control disease in specific spots where cancer has spread. We decrease pain, lower the risk of broken bones weakened by cancer, improve breathing from a blocked airway, or relieve pressure on a nerve that may be causing numbness or pain. Palliative care of this type improves quality of life giving the patient time and freedom to pursue their interests, their family time or work. It may continue over months, and even years, for those living with cancer.

Radiation therapy. We use it every day to heal.