Helping Us Help You

Dr. James Richardson

When it comes to caring for patients at one of the most vulnerable times of their life, our care extends to a carefully forged relationship. It begins when the patient is referred to us and continues through treatment and sometimes beyond.

How do we build a strong relationship so quickly? We begin immediately, working together as a team to give the patient the best experience possible. From the simple things like a warm greeting every day, to the more complex like the time needed with doctors and oncology nurses to discuss every question that patient has. In candor we share knowledge with each other. As the patient opens up with us we help the patient find clarity regarding their diagnosis and their treatment while in our care. Each step of the way our patient relationship strengthens as our team gains understanding of each patient’s needs, fears, and challenges. Every person on our team from our schedulers to our therapists, doctors, and nurses is trained to work with those that are suffering and deliver comfort.

Through these relationships, the patient gains trust in their healthcare team. They trust us to answer questions faithfully, and honestly. To guide them through treatment as it affects them, their family, and caregivers. Delivering this patient centered care is a core belief at Turville Bay: every patient deserves to be treated with respect and with the best care we can deliver.