The First Steps: Radiation Therapy at Turville Bay

Dr. James Richardson

Turville Bay specializes in radiation therapy to treat many types of cancer, including breast, prostate and lung cancers, as well as other illnesses. Turville Bay’s treatment center is located on John Nolen Drive in Madison. When your physician refers you to Turville Bay you’ll receive pure patient care - focused care, from our team of healthcare experts, devoted to you. Turville Bay’s technology is state of the art. And, as you arrive for your treatment each day, we hope you’ll enjoy the soothing views of Lake Monona.

Have you or a loved one been referred to Turville Bay for treatment? “Once you are referred to Turville Bay, you will meet with one of our nurses and then with one of our radiation oncologists, like myself,” says Dr. James Richardson. “We will sit down, review your medical history as well as your medical records, and perform a physical exam. We will then discuss your treatment options. We will select the option that best suits your type of cancer and diagnosis.”

“The next step is treatment planning, which can take a few days or a few weeks depending upon the complexity of the treatment plan. It is important to note that every plan is designed specific to you and your diagnosis,” continues Dr. Richardson.  “Your treatment plan entails the help of one of our medical physicists and Dosimetrists to calculate the radiation dose and make sure that it’s safe to deliver. Treatment generally begins about a week after treatment planning process is complete.”