Celebrate Survivors & Thrivers

Dr Michelle Mackay Turville Bay

Once you’ve heard the words “you have cancer” your life is changed. Surviving the disease is just one part of this journey. Patients quickly learn a lexicon of medical terms, face myriad appointments, sort through their own emotions along with those of their loved ones, they may deal with economic uncertainty, and more. Treatment plans are unique to each patient and their experience is just as unique. But each year we see more Americans surviving cancer, and more of us living with cancer. The 16.9 million survivors and thrivers among us are testament to how far we’ve come in this battle. And it’s something we celebrate the first Sunday in June every year.

We gather on a Sunday afternoon under big canopies. There’s music and ice cream, there’s dancing and laughter. After all we are part of a community we never sought to join that has the strong bonds formed of shared journey. Put us together in one place and it becomes a party! Women and men, young adults and seniors, those that are cancer free, currently in treatment, and those living with cancer, their families, kids, and caregivers celebrate how far we’ve come together. It’s an event that we look forward to each year, I hope you’ll join us.

If cancer has touched your life join us on Sunday, June 2 from 1-3 for Madison’s Cancer Survivors & Thrivers Ice Cream Social. The event is free to all. There’s plenty of Chocolate Shoppe’s ice cream. Live music and joy fill the air. We wouldn’t miss it.