Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)

Dynamic Targeting IGRT provides the staff at Turville Bay with high-resolution, three-dimensional images to pinpoint tumor sites, adjust patient positioning when necessary, and complete a treatment—all with the patient in the position of treatment.

Simply stated IGRT technology accounts for motion, like breathing that causes tumor movement, to ensure that the targeted area is in the same position every treatment session. This technology helps us raise the quality of patient care to new levels by further reducing exposure of healthy tissues and targeting the right dose to right place at the right time. These capabilities take IMRT and stereotactic IMRT technologies one step further by raising the quality of patient care and improving efficiency.

On Board Imaging, or OBI, is an imaging technology that employs multiple methods of imaging. One of these methods makes it possible to take 3-D, 360° CT scans of a patient while he/she lies on the treatment couch. This type of imaging is known as Cone-beam CT (CBCT), a new form of CT scan. CBCT provides 3D images of the body before the delivery of treatment using less radiation than older CT scanners. CBCT is especially useful for imaging cancers of the head, neck, prostate, lung, pancreas and cervix, among others. The resulting images make treatment more precise.

An On-Board Imager produces both excellent quality "kilovoltage" and "Cone-Beam Computed Tomography" images in less than a minute. Tumors are located quickly and precisely at the beginning of each session allowing treatments to be completed quickly. The ability to target the tumor and avoid the normal tissues is critical in certain disease sites, and the ability to use the linear accelerator as a CT scanner allows small couch adjustments to ensure optimal positioning.