Treating Lung Cancer at Turville Bay

Dr Kim Lung Cancer Treament at Turville Bay


When diagnosed with lung cancer your oncologist may refer you to Turville Bay. As the community’s healthcare technology provider, we’ll determine if radiation therapy is an option for you. At your appointment, you’ll meet one of our Radiation Oncologists, a physician that specializes in radiation therapy treatment.

During that consultation we will:

  1. get a complete medical history.
  2. review test results and any imaging you have had.
  3. explore your diagnosis.
  4. consider the benefits of radiation therapy in your treatment.
  5. discuss the need for support such as Gilda's Club of Madison.

Next Steps

If radiation therapy will be part of your treatment, we’ll schedule another appointment for treatment planning with our team of specialists. This will determine the length of treatment, the technology that’s right for you, and your treatment schedule. At that time we’ll link you to Turville Bay’s Patient Portal so you can access medical information pertaining to your treatment and contact your healthcare team with questions or concerns.

“Turville Bay has a number of treatment options for lung cancer. In order to decide which is right for you, we meet with you and discuss your case, and your overall health. Every patient is unique and so is your treatment plan. After consultation we select the best option, and, with our team of specialists, deliver pure patient care.”

Dr. June Kim

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