Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

Stereotactic Body Radiation TherapyOften referred to as SBRT, this therapy delivers small individual doses of radiation over multiple treatment sessions, so that the total accumulated dose is larger. It’s a precise and accurate delivery system. Each SBRT treatment is called a "fraction" and is sometimes called "fractionated" therapy. SBRT combines the precision of Radiosurgery with fractionated radiation improving the delivery over standard radiation therapy.

SBRT is often used for treatment of tumors or lesions that may not respond well to surgery, chemotherapy, standard radiation or other treatments. For tumors and lesions in difficult locations, SBRT allows the physician to safely deliver high doses of radiation to the tumor while limiting dose to critical surrounding structures.

A dose of radiation damages cells, specifically the cell’s DNA. Normal cells can repair this damage while tumor cells are less able to. While a tumor is precisely targeted with SBRT, some healthy tissue receives a small amount of radiation, is damaged, and will begin to repair itself. Each treatment damages the abnormal tissue even more. The healthy tissue recovers, the diseased tissue does not.