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Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator

TruBeam from Varian Medical Systems is used for radiation therapy and stereotactic radio surgery. It delivers powerful tumor-destroying radiation treatment with precision and speed. With TruBeam, Turville Bay’s radiation oncology team manages challenging cancers anywhere in the body, including the lung, abdomen, breast, head and neck. It’s fast and powerful. TruBeam seamlessly integrates the patient’s breathing and onboard imaging with treatment techniques.

Designed with the patient experience in mind, TrueBeam is quiet and provides a more enhanced communication technology so there is constant interaction between the patient and the therapist who operates the equipment. Three closed-circuit television systems enable the therapist to monitor the patient at all times increasing patient comfort.

Varian TruBeam Linear Accelerator

Accuray TomoTherapy HDA

A complementary technology to TruBeam, TomoTherapy HDA technology delivers radiation therapy in a unique mode of treatment. It precisely targets certain cancers that are more challenging to treat because of where they are located in the body. Additionally, Turville Bay’s radiation therapy team (LINK TO http://tbaydev.john.herkserver.com/radiation-oncology/doctors)  uses the TomoTherapy HDA special technology to sculpt the dose to the edge of the treatment area.

TomoTherapy technology benefits prostate cancer patients with hip replacements, certain breast cancers in close proximity to the heart, and other cancers of the head and neck. TomoTherapy’s 360-degree fan-beam delivery of radiation therapy is a gold-standard treatment targeting of complex tumors. During treatment delivery, the linear accelerator completes multiple 360-degree rotations around the patient while the couch passes through the center bore of the system.

Accuray TomoTherapy HDA

Varian 21EX LINAC Linear Accelerator

Varian 21EX Linear Accelerator (LINAC) delivers consistent dosing of radiation therapy with unique precision to the tumor(s) while sparing surrounding healthy tissues. Turville Bay’s radiation therapy team uses Varian’s LINAC to treat cancers of the lung, abdomen, and breast. The Varian LINAC is also used to deliver Palliative care, a highly specialized form of radiation therapy that relieves pain and discomfort by treating symptoms to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Varian TruBeam Linear Accelerator