Breast Cancer Journeys

Facing a breast cancer diagnosis changed the lives of three Madison area women in unexpected ways. Each faced a different type of breast cancer. Each found a community of healthcare providers. Treatment courses were decided upon, families came together, friends rallied, children and spouses struggled, and at the center of each story is a woman battling to gain back the ground lost to her diagnosis. Meet Frances, Dana, and in memoriam, Molly, as they each share their journey and encourage others with breast cancer.

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Dana, a breast cancer survivor of more than a decade, feels incredibly lucky to have had insurance, quality healthcare, and a family to help her through her diagnosis. Wondering how women without those things survive the fight, she began reaching out to others. Her story warmed our hearts.

Frances had just retired when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A career in government managing budgets and staff did not prepare her for putting herself in the care of others. But as she let family, friends, and a terrific group of sorority sisters take the reins she found she was better able to handle her disease. Now 3 years later, Frances is giving back.

In Memoriam
Molly, a young mother of 3 with stage four metastatic breast cancer, had an army of friends and family to help. Literally. Molly’s Army was a group of folks with a mission: help Molly, her husband, Darren, and their three kids, with support and love so Molly and her family could live each day to its fullest. Molly’s words continue to inform and engage others though she died of metastatic cancer in May 2016. Though she was not treated at Turville Bay, Molly shared her story, guided caregivers on the way to treat others, and helped inspire Turville Bay’s Cancer Survivors & Thrivers event. We honor her by continuing to share her words.

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