Lung Cancer Journeys

Meet three Madison-area lung cancer survivors, Anne, Laura and Susan as they speak with us about their very personal journeys. Get to know them here and then share your story, your concerns, and encourage others who are facing this diagnosis on our Facebook page.

As one survivor said, "Does it matter how I got lung cancer? What really matters is that I had it, and I survived it." Watch them share their experiences, their fears, and how their lives have changed.

Susan was 32 when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Suddenly labeled by a disease no one talked about, she was too stunned to face her cancer journey at first. But armed with love for her eleven month old daughter, the compassion of family, and a wonderful sister-in-law, she began to fight back against lung cancer. Now seventeen years later, Susan is making a difference in the Madison area through her work at Free To Breathe, an organization dedicated to awareness and research. In hopes of helping others, Susan answers questions about her cancer journey here.

Laura is a Madison businesswoman deep into her cancer journey. Diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012, her life changed immediately. While her siblings, her son, and her friends surround her with love and compassion they also help her navigate the maze of appointments, tests and decision-making. She credits them for taking this journey with her. Laura shares her story here.

Anne, a Middleton woman healing from her cancer journey is living life to the fullest every day. As a wife, mother, daughter, and friend to many, Anne developed lung cancer though she never smoked. Anne shares her story here.