Understanding MRI

Meet Kristina, a local woman on a healthcare journey that meant a series of MRI’s. Kristina shares her MRI experience at Turville Bay. Then, two physicians discuss their preference for Turville Bay MRI over others in our area. And Turville Bay staff discuss anxiety and what makes a good MRI.

Take a few moments and tour Turville Bay with a patient, meet staff members and 2 referring physicians. It will help you understand the process and hopefully ease any concerns you may have about the scan. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is a safe and effective way to get imaging of what's going on inside your body, using a magnet and radio frequency waves. If you have been referred to Turville Bay for an MRI, you will be contacted by our scheduling department. During that call, you’ll be asked some safety and health history questions. And, we'll schedule your MRI at one of our 4 Madison area locations based on the exam type and your comfort.

During your MRI, one of our trained technologists will capture the images your doctor requested and then you'll be ready to go on with your day. A radiologist will interpret your MRI scans. Their report along with your images will be made available to your doctor. You can rest assured you are in great hands at Turville Bay. Our team of healthcare providers bring both compassionate care and state-of-the-art technology to the Madison area. Patient Care Is Our Priority.