Scheduling an MRI appointment with Turville Bay is easy.

When you’re referred to Turville Bay for an MRI, your physician’s office will call us to schedule an MRI appointment on your behalf. In some cases, Turville Bay’s scheduling department will contact you directly. Your MRI scan will be performed at our easy-to-access facility on Deming Way in Middleton, or at one of our MRI suites in SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital or UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital in Madison.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible before and during your MRI appointment.

  • Your MRI scan will be scheduled according to your needs and appointment availability.
  • If time allows before your MRI appointment Turville Bay will mail information and some health-related forms for you to fill out and bring with you.
  • Is English your second language? Interpreters are available but must be requested in advance when you schedule an MRI.

MRI is a non-invasive test that uses a strong magnetic field and radio frequency waves that’s painless and with few risks. Of concern is the effect that both the magnetic field and radio frequency waves could have on implanted devices within the body.

When you schedule an MRI it’s important to let us know of object(s) within your body. Whether surgically implanted or acquired during an accident or injury, there are certain conditions under which an MRI might not be safe.

Patients should notify us prior to their MRI appointment if you have any of the following:

  • An implanted pacemaker, defibrillator ("AICD"), or heart valve
  • An implanted pump device (such as an insulin or pain-medication pump)
  • An inner ear implant
  • An aneurysm clip within the brain
  • Previous eye injury involving a metallic object
  • Shrapnel

(Note: Any specific information that you have pertaining to an implanted device; (e.g. Make, Model, Serial Number, location and date of device implantation) makes researching the MRI compatibility of each device that much quicker and more accurate.)