Radiation Oncology

The staff at Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology Center welcomes you to this Radiation Oncology Healthcare Professionals section of our website. We’ve gathered content here we hope you’ll find useful. Staging charts, consult forms, and an easy to print Patient Guide are in one convenient location you can bookmark. Plus we’ve added detailed information about the technology we use and our capabilities. Please contact us if additional materials would streamline your workflow.

We’re very proud of the ACR Accreditation of our Radiation Oncology Center.  It is an honor to be the only ACR accredited center in the greater Madison area.  It’s a hard earned credential that ensures you we take quality care seriously and that your patients are in very good hands while in our care. I’d like to extend an invitation to all of our referring physicians and support staff teams to visit us at Turville Bay. We talk often on the phone, communicate by electronic records and in person at multidisciplinary tumor boards, but would also welcome on site visits here discuss how we might help you.  We’d love to see you, give you a tour, and hear your suggestions.


Michelle Kolton Mackay, MD
Medical Director