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Imaging. Diagnostics. Radiation Therapy. We’re Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology, Madison, Wisconsin’s healthcare technology center. A joint venture of two community hospitals, SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital-Madison and UnityPoint Health-Meriter  the mission is to provide excellence in healthcare with today’s state-of-the-art technology and highly trained compassionate staff.

Siemen’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging puts the most powerful tool for diagnoses into the hands of our knowledgeable and certified staff. Turville Bay’s new 3T magnets provide detailed imaging enabling physicians to make fast and accurate diagnoses.


This magnet’s innovative coil architecture unlocks higher element configurations and higher SNR. The result is high image quality, consistently, that is clear and sharp to the edges of the 50 x 50 x 45 cm FoV. Skyra has 4G flexibility with up to 128 channels. Skyra offers patient comfort with an interior 70cm Open Bore and 173 cm short system design and reduces patient fear and anxiety. Its coils are ultra lightweight and more comfortable for the patient. The combination of technologies Skyra provides means less time in the magnet for most patients, comfortably accommodating those with back pain, kyphosis, respiratory problems, claustrophobia and anxiety.

3T MRI is particularly useful for neurological and orthopedic studies. For example, 3T Brain studies are performed with a 20 channel Head/Neck coil for increased SNR utilizing 4G to maximize the capability of every channel. Ultra-lightweight coils combine seamlessly to support large anatomic coverage, for instance combining head, neck, body and spine coil elements to create a single image.


Turville Bay’s 1.5T OPEN MRI has a remarkable record of high quality scans. Physicians find it easier to address disease states with appropriate imaging techniques: from cardiac breath-hold studies to peripheral run-off exams, better contrast and shorter exam times when compared to lower-field systems.

The magnet offers a 70cm interior bore and a short system of 125cm. Most exams are head out or feet first. As a result patients are more comfortable and more relaxed during the exams.

This magnet is at Turville Bay’s John Nolen Drive location. Convenient and accessible, the center’s MRI suites are spacious and comfortable. Patients experience no wait times and benefit from the same compassionate staff as Turville Bay’s hospital suites.


The Siemens Magnetom Symphony is an advanced high speed, short bore, 1.5 Tesla MRI system. The bore is 1.6 m (5’3”) length with an inside diameter of 60 cm (almost 2’) with a flared 120 cm (4’) opening. This, combined with lighting, ventilation, and communications, creates an extremely patient-friendly design. The 1.5 Tesla high-field magnet, with an advanced gradient coil system, provides fast, accurate images. This high-field unit (1.5 Tesla or greater) tends to be faster, which means less time in the magnet and less patient discomfort.

The Symphony scanner is a short-bore magnet that combines the accuracy of a conventional bore scanner and the comfort of an open MRI scan. Although it is not completely open, because of the short bore, it is much less constrictive and still produces a high field.

Symphony’s short bore design maintains the highest image quality while minimizing claustrophobia and easing discomfort for those patients who are in pain, suffer from back issues, claustrophobia or other issues.

This magnet is at Turville Bay’s Deming Way location in Middleton. Convenient for patients in Middleton and communities west of Madison, it’s accessible, spacious and comfortable. Patients experience no wait times yet benefit from the same compassionate staff.

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