Other Therapies

Radiation Treatment can be used for non-cancerous/benign conditions such as acoustic neuromas. Turville Bay utilizes Stereotactic Radiosurgery for inoperable, non-cancerous/benign tumors of the head, neck and others.

Palliative care is given to patients with cancer in the form of radiation therapy. Reducing symptoms caused by both disease and its therapy, palliative care is often associated with end-of-life care, however it can be used in all stages of care.

Certain invasive procedures, such as brachytherapy, High Dose Rate or HDR brachytherapy, and permanent seed implantation, are typically performed in a hospital setting. Our physicians have an excellent working relationship with the UW Health System for these types of therapies. Having an implant inserted is usually done in a hospital operating room using either a local or general anesthetic. Imaging tests, such as ultrasound or CT scans, are often utilized to make sure the implant is placed correctly. Planning computers are then used help calculate and plan treatment. In unusual situations, we may refer eligible patients to the National Cancer Institute for specific protocols/studies. Our physicians make sure patients have access to the type of therapy that is best for them.